The training courses, characterized by efficient didactic methods and by the participation of excellent experts, aim to meet the market’s specific necessities in order to guarantee the participants concrete and excellent possibilities to find their way in the working life.

The training activity consists of three different rationales:

  • Master for experts in the in the sectors logistic and transports – Post-graduate training
  • Specialization courses which prepare adolescents to operate in the fields of transports and logistic – Training after a High school certificate
  • Updating courses, seminars, workshops in order to prepare the staff of institutions and companies to get along with changes in the sectors of transports and logistic
  • Training for companies

Thanks to its long-time experience, Scuola Nazionale Trasporti e Logistica offers qualified training for adolescents with a high potential, with a High school or University degree.
Moreover, it supports courses for those who are interested in launching an economic activity in the sectors transport and logistic.

Scuola Nazionale Trasporti e Logistica organises projects and strategies aiming to:

  • Analyse training demands;
  • Plan and activate training and refresher courses;
  • Plan and activate specialized training courses for young people with a High school or University degree;
  • Elaborate and start qualifying and refresher courses for experts (in the logistic and transport sectors);
  • Help enterprises to find new norms, rules and financial opportunities for training courses and to strengthen infrastructures and technological supplies;
  • Help to launch new training structures and agencies by transferring methods and jurisdiction for the phases of planning, organisation and management of research and training activities;
  • Contribute to the creation of a network among workers of the sector, managing telematic instruments of information, updating and service;
  • Develop successful methods of training by using e-learning and multimedia materials;
  • Carry out technical-economic studies and research about European policies and the economical scenario;
  • Analyse and classify the roles and the specified skill of the sector, participating in the standardization of professional skills.

Studies and research

  • Realization of technical-economic studies which regard the sector transports and logistic with the aim to search for operative solutions, new organizational and technological orders, innovative financial formulas.
  • Realization of studies which concern the social-economic effects of big infrastructures.