In 1990 Unioncamere and “Chamber of Commerce” of La Spezia carried out a detailed research which showed the lack of a specialized training structure in the transport and logistics field able to adequately train and update the resources operating in it.

Therefore in 1991 Scuola Nazionale Trasporti e Logistica was established in La Spezia through the initiative of the “Chamber of Commerce” after a careful analysis of the transport and logistics field. Its aim was to plan and carry out studies and research with the purpose to establish a stable training centre, organize specialized training programmes and seminars, mainly in the transport and logistics field, for companies and operators in the sector, and for young people with a High school or University degree, both at the Italian and European level, aiming to create professional skills of medium-high level in a rapidly growing and progressing field.

Over the years the School, now called Scuola Nazionale Trasporti e Logistica in harmony with the evolution of the sector, has developed and strengthened nationally its relationships both in the public and private sector knowing that in order to develop a culture of transport and logistics it is necessary to operate in synergy with all the key actors who play a strategic role in the transport logistic and economic sector.

This synergy is possible through the unified presence of the school’s corporate companies such as Unioncamere, Uniontrasporti, Assoporti and Assiologistica and others amongst the most important companies of the sector.

Today, besides to the founding members, numbering both national and international Organisations and Enterprises, other members, playing a strategic role in the transport and logistics field, joined themselves to Scuola Nazionale Trasporti e Logistica activities, not only offering effective and exhausting answers to the new challenges, but also making possible the understanding and spreading of the innovating trends taking place in the transport field.

In the current scenario Scuola Nazionale Trasporti e Logistica plays a strategic role developing skill so as to supply actual and organic answers to real needs not only of enterprises, entrepreneurs and company management, but also of young people looking for a job.